Three Short Stories And A Poem For Young Girls - Volume 1

Three Short Stories And A Poem For Young Girls - Volume 1


Written and Designed by Diane J. Helm

Cover and Illustrations by my friend, Kaylene Schafer

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About This Book

This lovely wholesome collection of three short stores an a poem contain delightful tales centered around different young girls and simple and innocent life experiences. The illustrations are hand drawn and the whole book feels like stepping back into Mayberry and a much simpler time. Here are the author’s notes:

  • In the first short story, Peggy comes up with a clever idea when a mean rooster intimidates her and tries to take over the chicken coop.

  • In the second short story, Carrie finds a locket and is faced with the dilemma of what to do with it. Should she keep it or give it back to the person who owns it.

  • In the third story, Andrea is torn between keeping a wild baby bird in a cage or letting it go free.

  • In the poem, a young girl dislikes her freckles until she finds out there is someone special who looks like her.