The Beginning of the "Better Living" Blog

       Hello World!

       Hello World!

I have always been passionate about nutrition, fitness & travel, and in simplifying & organizing life's complexities and chaos!  I used to love to rearrange my bedroom when I was young and got involved in Lean Six Sigma, in my career, because I thought it was cool!  I also had the great fortune to travel for my job and consider it a blessing to see and interact with all of the amazing people & places in this world.  I love people...and I love to help them!

Since I was 15, I have been dieting and exercising...trying to understand how it all works.  It is like a puzzle that needs to be solved, with so many pieces...and no one knows how it all fits together!  It is very important to me to eat healthy and exercise, but, I find the need to balance by splurging on things like Ghirardelli chocolate and a glass of Caymus wine while relaxing with my family & friends. I research and experiment with what works, so I can help others be successful too.

My husband and I started in 2016 because we discovered minerals for swimming pools & baths that make water softer and offer many benefits for your skin and hair. Our mission is to give back to the world, to make it a better place, as much as we can, in the time we've been given. 

Earlier this month, my youngest daughter, Lizzy, suggested I write a blog.  I guess because I am always helping her and her friends with life advice, she feels this "qualifies" me to tell the world what I think :).  And, when you couple this with my oldest daughter, Alicia's request, to help her write for a lifestyle and fashion blog back in 2014...and my husband, Jeff, being incredibly confident that I have what it takes, I decided to do this!

35 years in the making and I feel ready to share what I have learned with the world!

This blog is about ways to live better through nutrition, yoga, attitude, respect, perseverance, travel and products, from the perspective of someone passionate about life, with thoughts to share. 

I really don't know where this is going to go, but I am excited to share my research, personal experiences and suggestions with you in the hopes that it helps you live a healthier, happier life!

Be back soon with more...and feel free to send me a note if you have any topics or advice you'd like me to cover.



Carol Smith