Better Living through Giving

My oldest daughter, Alicia, posted the following on Facebook today, with a beautiful sentiment about "DOING EVERYTHING YOU CAN" ...and it inspired me to blog about "Giving"!


Giving doesn't have to be about spending a bunch money on people. It's the simple things that we do that make a difference in someone's life to show we love them. As Alicia suggests, "smiling at a stranger on the street or holding the door", can really make someone's day! 

Being kind and giving to people who are nice to you, people who support you and people who love you is the perfect place to start, because these people, after all, make up the majority of our corner of the world...but it is not how we change the world!  

Being kind and loving to people who are bitter & rude, is a challenge, and one that changes hearts of stone to hearts of gold.  People, who treat you poorly, might be having a terrible day or a terrible life for that matter!  They may be dealing with loss or financial difficulties...or they may never have known love.  We can never know unless we can walk in their shoes, and since we cannot, FORGIVE THEM ANYWAY!.

How we truly make a difference in this world is by being kind to those people!  My husband is particularly good at this.  If we go to a restaurant and have a particularly crabby server, he challenges himself to change their attitude.  He goes out of his way to be kind and finds a way to connect!  Each and every time, we leave, having put a smile on that person's face...I find we have made their day better, and it makes ours too...and maybe it even gets passed on to their other customers....and the world is a better place because of it.

We recently started watching the NETFLIX show "The OA" at the suggestion of my daughter's boyfriend, Devon, which is a really unique show.  In one of the early episodes, there is a conversation between a young woman and a teacher that is very inspiring.  The young woman is trying to talk to the teacher about a student that is a problem child or troublemaker...and the young woman asks the teacher how she lost track of her reason to teach.  She goes on to say that kids that show promise and "sing like angels" don't need help.  The boy that needs help is the one that is lost and needs to be taught how to become a man.  


In the same vain, we must approach all of humanity.  The ones who are happy, pleasant, caring and loved, need us less than those that are troublemakers and problems to society.

This is why I chose my New Year's Resolution to embrace the words of Mother Theresa.  "Do it Anyway" matter how they treat you.  

Remember, we can change the world with kindness and love...and we long as we don't judge!  We are all in this together...All the World...We are one!  Don't give up on each other! Never give up!

Carol SmithComment