Better Living through Nature

There isn't a more beautiful painting than a sunset, or a more inspiring picture than a flower that blooms in the spring. 

Appreciating nature is important in life. It helps us remember that we are part of something bigger, and that we are on a journey to bring peace on earth. 

The sun rises and sets every day regardless of what happened in that 24 hour period. So too must we rise above the events of the day to appreciate all the greatness. 


My husband and I try to take part in nature as much as we can. We love hiking in the desert and taking an afternoon bike ride to feel the breeze on our faces as we glide along the Sonoran Desert parkway. When we travel, we always try to take in the natural wonders in that region of the world, or at least take a walk to get some fresh air.

We also try to kiss at sunset thanks to a ritual started by uncle Lee and Connie.  

Whatever your circumstances, try to get out and smell the roses!  It's a great way to remind us that we are surrounded by beauty, even though there may be thorns in our midst.



Carol SmithComment