Better Living through Life Balance

I am a Libra, and it is in my nature to seek Balance.

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Throughout my live, I've  primarily focused on balance between work and Family!  I've had a string of jobs that required a lot of my time, but my last position in the corporate world was incredibly challenging...demanding many hours to provide support for my global team of 20 amazing people, whom I respected and admired. I tried to counter that by being the best MOM I could be to my 2 beautiful and talented daughters, whom I cherish.  I'm so blessed to say that I achieved some level of balance, because my job performance reviews were consistently positive, and I have a very close relationship with my daughters, now fully matured into successful, independent women.

As I dive more deeply into this career at JNC Better Living, where nutrition and fitness intersect daily with work activities, I know that LIFE BALANCE means so much more!  It is....

...Eating Healthy + Enjoying Food

...Body + Mind

...Physical Activity + Rest

...Being Heard + Listening

...Controlling Your Destiny + Having Faith

...And of course it is also Family + Work

My husband, Jeff (the love of my life), and I, attempt to put everything in our life into balance.  We both have infinite love for our families, and do whatever we can to help them, and be there for them.    We work hard, but always start our days with what we have come to call 'Coffee Clutch', and end them with Cocktail Hour (Alcohol Optional), so that we can plan the days ahead, and recap our takeaways and to-do's from the day that is ending.  Like many of you, our business is 24/7, but because we can work from anywhere, we seek new adventures when traveling for business.  We recently had the luxury of spending a day at Disney's California Adventure, which we tacked onto the end of several days' worth of meetings!  

We are now trying to find balance in our Nutritional Program as well.  As you may know from my previous blog, we switched over to Organic Food, and have been changing our eating habits.  Slowly, we are transitioning our pantry, and refrigerator, to Non-GMO, Certified Organic products.  And to the extend necessary, we have reduced the amount of food that we buy (and consume) in order to fit our lifestyle into our budget, not the other way around.  Based on my recent research, America's Obesity Problem is in large part (forgive the pun) due to an imbalance in human intensional "gut health", caused by ingesting too many modified foods, refined sugars and not enough healthy fiber, probiotics, vitamins and minerals from 'clean' foods. I am so passionate about this, and find that it is helping Jeff and I so much from a weight maintenance and physical well-being perspective, that I am also helping several dear friends and family members transition their food lifestyles as well.

But as I said above, there HAS TO be balance.  You cannot eat 100% organic and clean in this era, or you would be extremely limited from a budgetary, restaurant / shopping options, and experiencial point of view.  That is why I'm challenging my enthusiasts to comprise their diets of 85% healthy, clean & organic food....and leave the balance to experiential food so as not to miss opportunities like going to Disney and enjoying a corn-dog, and a big Chocolate Chip Cookie and ice cream sundae from Ghirardelli! (Who by the way, I am happy to report, does not use High Fructose Corn Syrup in their hot fudge topping!)

I am also beginning to modify recipes to incorporate healthier ingredient alternatives, and introducing new allies into our diets, such as Kombucha, Hemp, Goji and Tahini.  I will let you know how that is going in my next blog.

Until then, 



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