Better Living Through Yoga & Essential Oils

Being physically active can help you increase your chances of living longer.  It is an essential to help you build stronger bones and muscles.  Just like your mind, any part of your body that is not used, will wither away! This includes your flexibility, which can easily turn to stiffness if we don't engage our bodes in this way.  

When we do not stay physically active, we are more likely to: Get heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, High blood pressure, High blood cholesterol and Have a stroke!

One form of physical activity that we promote at JNC Better Living is Yoga!  Yoga is an ancient practice that originated thousands of years ago in India. Since its beginning, yoga has evolved and changed just like our own practice evolves throughout the years!  Research has confirmed that there are not only physical, but also mental and emotional health benefits associated with the practice of yoga.  


Yoga has proven to be beneficial because of its three main components: asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing technique), and meditation. Oftentimes when we exercise we forget to incorporate these components. For instance, even though we are constantly breathing, it is not necessarily something we are consciously thinking about. In yoga, breath is the life of the practice; each movement is associated with a deep inhale or exhale. It is this state of active breathing that has been found to be highly beneficial, especially when it comes to our brain wave activity.

Modern day research has shown that yoga can help us manage stress because of its ability to decrease our stress hormones. Additional studies have also found that yoga-based relaxation training can help stabilize the function of the autonomic nervous system, which controls our breathing, heartbeat, and digestive processes. Yoga plays a significant role in decreasing heart rate, and the breathing we do during yoga is beneficial for overall brain wave activity but so is meditation and posture-based poses. 

Now that we’ve learned about some benefits of yoga, it’s time to understand how essential oils can relate to this.  Much like yoga, the use of essential oils aims to support the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. Research has shown that essential oils not only provide emotional benefits but physical benefits as well. There are several studies that speak to the abilities of essential oils to help reduce anxious feelings and provide an overall sense of well-being. Other research studies have shown that they can help maintain concentration, as well as promote feelings of clear breathing and open airways.

When I infuse essential oils into my yoga practice, I am definitely able to balance better because of improved concentration.  I am able to open up more, because of the soothing effect the oils have on my muscles and joints.  And I am able to breath deeper, because of the benefits that oils have on my respiratory system.  

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